At Salomon & Aquino, LLC we are more than qualified to help clients with a wide variety of legal issues. While we are principally a boutique litigation firm, our clients have benefited on the transactional side by our experience litigating the pitfalls of contracts, real estate disputes, and employment agreements. We know how to avoid potential problems by crafting tight, buttoned-up contracts and agreements. We use emails extensively to communicate with our clients. Many new clients are pleasantly surprised to get emails or phone calls from us in the evenings or during weekends. That is just how we work. We don’t know another way. You come first and from our first handshake with you, we will work tirelessly to prove it. Whether you need a real estate attorney or an employment discrimination attorney, we are qualified to help and work hard to ensure that each client we take receives a practical commonsense and cost effective analysis of their case or legal issue. We regularly represent clients with cases related to the following:

Essex County Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Essex County, NJ

If you have been hurt in an accident while at work or otherwise, we can help. Some examples of personal injury matters we regularly handle include bicycle accidents, car accidents, truck accident, slip and falls, and medical malpractice. These cases often legally entitle victims to compensation for losses such as medical expenses, lost income, loss of quality of life, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

If you have been hurt while you were at work or developed an illness or medical condition to your work environment, it is very likely that you are entitled to benefits through New Jersey’s workers’ compensation program. Because it is a no-fault program, many injured workers are under the impression that getting their benefits will be relatively easy and are surprised when the insurance company that they are dealing with becomes difficult.

Fortunately, injured workers have rights. As a result, if you are having difficulty obtaining your much-needed workers’ compensation benefits, you should speak to one of our attorneys immediately. Sometimes, the mere fact that an attorney has become involved at all is enough to get the insurance company to pay out on your claim. If your claim has been denied outright, you can file either an Application for an Informal Hearing or a formal Claim Petition to have your case heard by a judge. Because these are quasi-judicial proceedings that require the presentation of evidence, it is advisable to have an attorney represent you.

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Personal Injury Attorney Essex County

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